Hand Made at fitzandco is an extension of earlier specialisation within the real estate industry. Having provided unique props and furniture pieces to enhance display home marketing, our designs and bespoke pieces are now gaining a popularity in their own right... for many reasons.

Apart from the fact they are uniquely attractive with their chic, rustic charm - and competitively priced - they are all locally made and, importantly in most cases, are from recycled timber furniture... the outcome being a highly satisfying, original and useful piece to treasure. 

Whether setting up home or simply seeking something different and of high quality, as well as uniquely Australian... consider products  from Handmade at fitzandco.

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"From a family of woodworkers, I had fun helping my father in his workshop from as long ago as I can remember... especially when he was building new billy carts!" says owner Francis FitzGerald.

"There's something about working with old timbers and creating new items; when you find that older piece which is beyond repair, it's rewarding to be able to breathe new life to present the grain and feel into a new piece."

Hand Made at fitzandco is committed to handcrafting simple, stylish, robust and versatile, furniture pieces using quality new timbers and sometimes recovered materials when available. In every case, you'll find it is simply

something special.

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